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Emergency Portable Mobile Charger
Solar LED Torch
Ecomax Medicated Mosquito Net for Single, Double & Family Sizes
Emergency Rechargeable LED Bulb

ECOMAX is dedicated to providing eco solutions for rural as well as semi urban markets that have little or no electricity. These include high intensity solar lamps that also provide mobile phone charging. We also have Emergency Mobile Phone charger.

Our low cost solar assisted lamps cum mobile phone charger replaces kerosene lamps, which cost hundreds of rupees monthly to operate, and are a pollution and fire hazard. And they provide low light. Our unit uses high luminosity LED. The solar panel is small, and can be mounted anywhere where there is ample sunlight. It also can be charged by a standard electrical outlet, if available. Here is our USP. It also charges mobile phones. In areas with little or no electricity, people have to go to some distant location that has a generator, to charge their mobile every few days, and pay 5 to 10 Rs. each time.

Approximately 300 million mobile phones, 400 million bicycles, and 200 million plus motorcycles are now in rural areas. So the need and application of our products is significant, also in Tier 2 and 3 cities, where sustained power outages are frequent.

Most diseases are waterborne and/or airborne leading to illness and medical costs. Our Medicated Mosquito Net repels mosquitoes, unlike other Mosquito Net that only prevents them. W.H.O. confirms that medicated Mosquito Nets can decrease childhood mortality.
The socio- economic benefits of all of the above are what our country needs.  The savings from our products pay for the investment. That is our primary objective.

Our products are currently being used by NGO’s, Corporates, CSR initiatives, Govt. and State programs, Disaster Management, Rural BPO’s, Gram Panchayats, motorcycle dealerships and battery retailers.

Our Products are:
Solar Lamps
Emergency Portable Mobile Charger
Ecomax Medicated Mosquito Net-For Single, Double and Family Sizes
Emergency Rechargeable LED Bulb
Solar LED Torch
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