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Our products are dedicated to helping to solve the three main problems facing rural, and other parts, of India. Namely, air and water borne diseases, lighting, and surprisingly, mobile phone charging. We have a team of talented designers who blend form with function.

Our goals:
The products must be cost effective, reliable and work in diverse environments. They must provide innovative design, outstanding quality, competitive pricing, and unmatched customer service.
We plan a pan India presence wherever our products can fulfill the needs of our customers. Our vision is to help protect the environment, and provide a way for people to recover their investment by the savings achieved by using ECOMAX products and technology. Our philosophy is to promote and preserve the ability of our people to better their quality of life.

Our philosophy is that we at Ecomax are responsible for customer satisfaction by delivering high quality products on time. Ecomax aims to achieve the highest  level of customer satisfaction. We encourage our employees to face the challenge with a positive frame of mind, with innovative ideas, and with enthusiasm. 
Ecomax has an ambitious goal to be the best in the areas we engaged in.  Ecomax customers can rest assured that when they purchase our technology and services, we stand behind the products and specifications as best possible. 

Ecomax’s aim is to offer and provide our customers with comprehensive solutions designed to add value to your business. We achieve this through our strong commitment to research and development.

We believe that the only way for our customers to remain one step ahead is for us to constantly improve our products and service offerings. Our products are widely used all over India and have been proved to be most versatile, user-friendly and cost-effective.   
Vasant K Agarwal
B.Tech. (Chemical Engineering), MS Systems Engineering , University Of California – Los Angeles (UCLA)

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